What is a giclee print and how does it differ from a digital print?
Giclee is the highest quality print available. The process combines 10 pigment based inks sprayed on to the paper. The colour matching is as close as is possible to the original file. The paper is archival and acid free so the print will not fade over time, nor will the paper yellow. Digital printing uses 4 dye based ink colours. Colour matching is approximate and the artwork will fade over time. Standard paper is used and this will also yellow over time.   
Can I get a different size print or commission painting from those listed?
Yes, I will try and accommodate any request. So please contact me.
What sort of commissions will you take on?
Oil commissions could include animal, flowers or anything botanical. Digital artwork can be painterly, have a more hand drawn feel to it, or be quite graphic. It depends upon the needs of the project. 
I make every effort to display my colours as accurately as I can but please bear in mind that your computer, tablet or phone may not accurately match my display. 
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, please see Shipping Policy
How will my items be sent?
Please see my Shipping Policy. 
My item has been damaged in the post, what should I do?
Please see Refund Policy
How can I return an item?
Please see Refund Policy. Please note that commissions and custom items cannot be returned.