I am based in Perth Scotland where I live with my husband and our border collie Finnfin. I have been doing all things creative since I can remember and in 2017 I decided to go full time to pursue my passion in selling my artwork. I work with both traditional methods of fine art painting in oils, and also digital medium to create artwork that is inspired by my love of nature, animals, and my beautiful garden. Everything I design is very much influenced by my fine art routes drawing on past art masters to help guide the direction of my own work. There are so many artists that have inspired me that the list would be too long to include here, but I hope that their presence is obvious in my work as my style continues to evolve and change.
I also take on private commissions, bespoke work that requires unique digital artwork that is not template driven, as well as projects from other creatives. This could include fine art paintings, illustration work for magazines / book covers, digital artwork for websites and bespoke artwork for products. If you are interested in private painting lessons, please click here
Please get in touch with me if you would like to purchase the licence to use any of the artwork on the site, or you have a project that you would like to discuss. I am also on Etsy and you can visit my shop here
I have helped a number of animal charities raise funds by donating artwork. However, please can I ask if you are a charity and wish to contact me regarding a donation you do so from an official email address linked to an official charity website which displays your charity number. You can follow my Instagram account for monthly chances to win my artwork, updates on the latest projects and products, and subscribe to my YouTube channel for short instructional painting demos. Click here to view my YT channel.
Sarah xx