Twelve Days Of Christmas

12 Days of Xmas Working

I had the idea last year to attempt my own version of the Twelve Days Of Christmas. However, I knew that as there were so many different elements to this design it was going to take me ages, so I left it on the back burner. I didn’t pick up this idea again until June, and it’s taken me around 3 months to complete.

My good friend and mentor Chris Fiddes suggested I approach it as an advent calendar design, which then gave me the idea of a house, and the windows in the house representing a different day. I then hit the internet to give me some inspiration for the different elements of the artwork and to research architecture through the ages. Not to mention checking in with artists of the past to see how they had depicted lords on horseback and maids a milking!

Many people think that as an artist I automatically know what different objects (such as a swan) looks like from every angle in perspective. Oh I wish this were true and I really was that skillful! Alas, I am not………!

However, a malleable lump of clay and a few figurines from Farm Animals Online soon sorted this issue. So there I am sculpting my clay and sketching my miniatures, and voila; 3 months later, and a lot of discipline and brute determination of actually finishing this long winded project, I’ve produced something I am really quite pleased with.

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